Placeholder  ImageOur current assignment involves ministry to at-risk youth who are, or have been incarcerated in Central Florida.  Knowing that Jesus Christ can make a difference in these precious lives, we seek to introduce each child to Him, “The Anointed One.”  We then teach them how to function as a vital member of The Kingdom of God.   

In a couple of the institutions we teach chess.  Chess allows us to stress the need for them to have a plan when they leave the detention center.  In another institution, we have been allowed to conduct a full-blown Bible study and provide  Bibles to the students.  This Bible study is important because these young men and women are taught the Word of Faith and also introduced to the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Everyone who has been prayed for has received.


Placeholder  ImageDid you know that the get tough-on-crime policies of the last decade have contributed to a dramatic increase in the incarceration of young people, and thus an equally dramatic increase in the number transitioning back into communities, schools, and families. Yet much remains unknown about this population and how best to ensure that young people released from prison will become contributing members of society (The Urban Institute, 2004)


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